Shazam! Release Date Confirmed!(!!!)

Way back in 2014 when Warner Bros. announced an upcoming slate of superhero films that stretched six years ahead, some of the films already having made their debuts ny now (some good, some not so good), Shazam!‘s onscreen venture was set for April 5, 2019.

Director David F. Sandberg (Annabelle: Creation, Lights Out) recently sat down with fans of the comic on Reddit, where he confirmed that the projected release date hasn’t changed.

April 2019. It takes a long time to make vfx heavy movies.

Well, there you have it. Short, sweet and to the point.

It was originally believed that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would portray popular Shazam! villain Black Adam in the film, but it’s since been confirmed that the star will play the character in a separate standalone movie. Jack the Giant Slayer writer Darren Lemke previously penned the script, with Shazam! set to begin shooting next year in Vancouver.



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