Stephen King’s ‘Mr. Mercedes’ Gets A Second Season!

The Audience Network has announced that its acclaimed television detective drama Mr. Mercedes gets the greenlight for a second season! Production is scheduled to take place in February of next year, filming in Charleston, South Carolina.

The 10-episode first season is based on the first book of Stephen King’s hardboiled detective trilogy, each revolving around retired police detective Bill Hodges (played by Brendan Gleeson in the show).

The series’ continuation will see the adaptation of the remaining two best-selling books, Finders Keepers and End of Watch.

Jack Bender, who directed seven episodes of the first season, will return for the second chapter in the Bill Hodges trilogy and had this to say:

Mr. Mercedes is Stephen King writing about the monsters inside his characters rather than outside. We were extremely fortunate to attract an amazing cast, led by Brendan Gleeson and Harry Treadaway, to bring these flawed, complex colorful characters to life. With Sonar and AT&T, along with great scripts and our talented team in Charleston, I am thrilled to keep telling this story.

I call this a personal win in my book, as I’ve read Mr. Mercedes and have thoroughly enjoyed what they’ve done with book-to-TV interpretation. Even several parts that depart from the book seem to add new layers to the story, expanding upon “Mercedes Killer” Brady Hartsfield’s (superbly portrayed by Harry Treadaway in the series) severely demented psyche and unnerving sinister vibes.

Bill Hodges will return in the latter part of 2018, while the season one finale of Mr. Mercedes arrives tomorrow at 8PM ET.

Brendan Gleeson (left) as former detective Bill Hodges, Harry Treadaway (right) as ‘Mercedes Killer’ Brady Hartsfield.




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