‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Hits Blu-ray in 2018

After the Blu-ray of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm earlier in the summer, word comes from Warner Bros. Animation publicist Gary Miereanu that fan-favorite Batman: The Animated Series will make its way to Blu-ray as well, but not until sometime in the latter half of 2018.

The Kevin Conroy voiced Batman series ran from 1992-1995, totaling 85 episodes in its three-year run on FOX. In addition to Kevin Conroy’s iconic voice as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Mark Hamill also broke new ground on the animated show, providing the gleefully wicked voice of the Joker.

The character of Harley Quinn originated on the series, originally developed by series creator Bruce Timm as a one-off character; the popularity of the Joker’s on-again/off-again, psychologically disturbed love interest grew so much, that Timm decided to make her a regular on the show.

Well, I know what I’ll be asking Santa for Christmas next year — will you be snatching up the Blu-ray release of Batman: The Animated Series when it releases?

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