NYCC: New Teaser For ‘Marvel’s The Runaways’

It’s been a long and satisfying week for comic-book fans, as both comic industry titans DC and Marvel have released heaps of new images, trailer teases and other hot-off-the-press material that has fans of both cinematic universes yearning for more.

And it seems like things are only just gearing up at the New York City Comic-Con, as Hulu just released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming series Marvel’s Runaways, in anticipation of NYCC’s Friday evening panel. You can view the teaser below.

Marvel’s Runaways is based off the Marvel comic of the same name, a series that chronicles a group of teenage mutants who discover that their parents belong to a shady, evil crime organization known as “The Pride.”

Marvel’s The Runaways premieres on November 21, on Hulu.

Are you stoked for the new addition to the TV world of Marvel Studios? Spill your thoughts in the comments!

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