Todd McFarlane On Spawn Reboot: “I Will Have A Shark In Black Water.”

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane dropped by the New York Comic-Con today, relaying some good news that will surely get any diehard Spawn fan to cry out with joy.

The 56-year-old comic-book vet announced that pre-production on the reboot will begin shortly after the Christmas holiday, with cameras rolling as soon as February. The new film will mark McFarlane’s directorial debut, handling his baby with the care and comfort of a proud father.

He goes on to elaborate on how Spawn won’t be your average, run-of-the-mill superhero movie, going as far as to say that the “dark and R-rated” feature will put the profanity-driven Deadpool to shame with its even more ramped-up, mature themes.

It’s going to be dark. I will have a shark in black water, and if you’re swimming he will come and you’ll be gone and he will fuck you up.

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane cheesin’ with the titular anti-hero.

The planned budget for the upcoming reboot is slated to be just around 10 million, which is pretty atypical for a modern superhero feature. As McFarlane states, the money will be coming out of his own pocket, as a ways for him to retain complete creative control without the hassle of a big-time studio staring over his back for the entirety of the process.

I’m spending my own money so who cares if it doesn’t work out. It’s a $10 million budget movie, and (a studio) would just get a 22-year-old punk director. I just want to be the old punk directing it.

When asked by an audience member at the NYCC on why he (McFarlane) was so confident about directing his first feature film, the Spawn creator had this to say:

I didn’t use to draw comic books and I drew comic books and I won awards. I don’t know how to read music and I have a Grammy Award.

You have to admit — the guy’s got moxie. Let’s just hope his confidence paves the way for the Spawn movie that fans of the comic-book deserve.


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