‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 3 Premiere Date Released

Starz has announced the start date of the much-anticipated third season of Ash vs Evil Dead, which sees the chainsaw-wielding, Ash-kicking, groovy-slingin’ anti-hero returning to rack up more Deadite kills than ever before on February 25.

Bruce Campbell is back as Ash Williams, the aging hero of the wickedly gore-filled Evil Dead films. Also returning is the Robin-to-his-Batman, Pablo Simon Bolivar (played by Ray Santiago), along with Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo), who was orphaned in season one of the hit series and has had a penchant for Deadite-killing ever since. Lucy Lawless is also back as Ruby, the unpredictable foe and occasional ally of the evil-battling trio, who has strong ties to the origin of the “Necronomicon.”

Key art from the upcoming third season.

The beginning of season 3 sees Ash residing in his hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan, whose status has changed from murderous urban legend to humanity’s unconventional savior in the wake of his triumph over evil in the previous season. The mythos of the character expands even further, as newcomer Arielle Carver-O’Neill arrives on the blood-drenched scene as Ash’s long lost daughter, Brandy Barr.

And if that isn’t enough to set the stage for an impressive third round of hybrid zombie-demon slaying, Kelly witnesses a televised massacre that has Ruby’s dirty fingerprints all over it, leading her to return with a new friend to warn Ash and Pablo that evil is not yet finished with the unlikely band of heroes.

Sam Raimi — the director of the original film for which all of this existential grooviness is possible — returns to the series as executive producer, sharing the title with longtime collaborators Rob Tapert, Ivan Raimi (brother), Rick Jacobson, and the man himself, Bruce Campbell.

The 10-episode third season grooves on out (last time, I swear) on February 25, 2018 on STARZ.


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