HBO CEO: “We Screwed Up In An Important Way”

The forthcoming HBO drama series Confederate is a new endeavor from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The show will be set within an alternate timeline, one in which the Confederate States successfully seceded from the Union and the institution of slavery still thrives.

Unsurprisingly, the project has been met with a hoard of controversy ever since its announcement back in July. Some have gone as far as to utilize social media as a ways to spread their discord for the upcoming series, most notably a Twitter campaign called #NoConfederate that was started by known activist April Reign, who kick-started #OscarsSoWhite back in 2015.

Game of Thrones showrunners D.B. Weiss (left) and David Benioff (right).

According to Richard Plepler, the premium network’s CEO, the prime reason for the backlash stemmed from HBO’s error to better communicate their concept for the show:

 Where we screwed up was we tried to announce a complicated subject in a press release of three paragraphs. What we should have done is we should have had the creative team sit down with a room full of thoughtful reporters, engage in a Q&A. And when we finish Thrones, and when they begin to put pen to paper, and when they form and put meat on the bones of this idea, we will do exactly that. I would say a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth puts on its boots, and that’s kind of what happened here.

Plepler also went on to say that it was never HBO’s intent to divide people, but rather to bring them together. Considering the current state of international affairs and recent tragedies headlining the news, that’s a very good intent to have — the world needs to muster up as much unity as it possibly can right now.

Do you think HBO is overstepping their bounds with Confederate? Sound off in the comments below!



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