Sonic Gets A Movie

It appears that the beloved blue hedgehog will get his own cinematic feature film come 2019.

Reports suggest that the movie adaptation of SEGA’s main mascot will use a combination of both CGI and live-action to bring the world of Sonic the Hedgehog to life. It’s currently being developed under the watchful eye of Deadpool director Tim Miller, with Jeff Fowler — a longtime collaborator of Miller — set to make his directorial debut. Patrick Casey and Josh Miller will provide the screenplay for the film.

Miller signed on as executive producer when the project was still in development at Sony Pictures, but it has since migrated over to Paramount after Sony put the movie in turnaround.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)

The loveable talking hedgehog first debuted as an 8-bit character on the SEGA Genesis back in 1991, its international success transforming SEGA into a leading platform presence during the 16-bit era of the early to mid-’90s. The good-spirited, fast-as-lightning Sonic has since cemented himself in video game history, remaining to this day as one of the most revered and recognizable icons to ever grace households worldwide.

The movie’s creative team aspire to create a worthy rendition of the character, capturing the heart and spirit of the video games in a feature presentation that will reintroduce Sonic to a brand new, Call-of-Duty-weary generation of gamers. The film’s synopsis will see the famous hedgehog reunited with his trusty allies, the mechanical-savvy Tails among them, to yet again thwart the plans of the evil and pesterous Dr. Eggman.

Sonic the Hedgehog races into theaters sometime in 2019. The official release date is yet to be revealed.


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